Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner in Cape Town | Permanent Makeup Treatment

Permanent Eyeliner Cape Town: Get That Perfect Cat Eye Look For Everyday

You’re tired of spending so much time trying to apply your eyeliner perfectly. It’s not easy getting the right look, and it can take a lot of practice before you get it right.  You’re a busy woman and spending time a lot of time in the morning is also impractical.

What if there was an easier way? Permanent eyeliner is your new best friend. The procedure takes about two hours, but once completed, you won’t have to worry about applying liner again!

And since the pigment is carefully placed into your skin, no one will be able to tell that you’ve had anything done at all!

With permanent makeup for eyes from Blink Beauty Salons, you won’t have to worry about applying eyeliner again!

What is permanent eyeliner and how does it work?

Permanent eyeliner is a semi-permanent procedure that is used to create the appearance of having liner permanently applied on the eyelids. The pigment is carefully placed into the upper and lower lash lines using a fine needle and then left to heal.  At Blink, we offer variously styled and provide clients with recommendations best suited to their eye shape.

Once healed, the permanent eyeliner will look just like the regular liner that has been applied to the skin. It will last for several years before it begins to fade and can be touched up as needed to maintain its appearance.

If you’re looking for a way to save time on your beauty routine, or if you simply want to have the perfect eyeliner every day, permanent eyeliner is a great option for you! Contact Blink Beauty today to make your booking and never have smudged eyeliner ever again.

Permanent Eyeliner

The benefits of permanent eyeliner

How Does the Permanent Eyeliner Procedure Work at Blink Beauty Salons?

Before Treatment

A thorough consultation starts our appointment to understand your unique requirements, style, colour, and lifestyle factors.  This helps determine our custom-made design for each client.

With any permanent makeup procedure, the area to be treated must be clean and free of any oils or makeup.  If you wear contact lenses, please bring your case and solution with you so we can properly clean your lashes and remove your contacts.

We proceed to map and design eyeliner to compliment your beautiful eyes and show you the design to approve.   Our goal is to create beautiful eyeliner that enhances your eyes. 

A strong anaesthetic is applied to the area to numb the skin and ensure that the procedure is comfortable.

During Treatment

Using a sterile, single-use needle, our eyeliner specialist will delicately insert pigment into your skin in a shading technique.  Unlike the old-fashioned eyeliner methods of the past, the modern permanent makeup technique allows the eyeliner specialist to have greater control over the liner’s depth, width, and pigmentation.   This means that the eyeliner specialist can create a thinner or thicker line and a more defined or natural look, depending on the client’s desired results.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort during your treatment.

After Treatment

After the procedure, the area will be cleaned, and a cooling ointment will be applied to soothe the skin. For the first week after your procedure, you will need to avoid makeup and contact with water. This means no showering and keeping the area moist with ointment. In addition, during this time period, it is important that you do not touch the area or rub your eyes. In order to promote healing, make sure to avoid sweating and sunlight exposure. The technician will give you aftercare instructions and send you your way.

6 Weeks Touchup

A touchup appointment is scheduled for you in the salon after your initial appointment.  The touchup appointment is important to evaluate the healing process, perfect some small gaps or adjust small areas if required. 

After your touchup appointment, you’ll have beautiful lasting eyeliner.

Permanent Eyeliner last 3 to 5 years, and varies from client to client.  You are welcome to book your annual colour boost appointment to ensure you have beautiful colour and gorgeous eyeliner all year around.

Permanent Eyeliner in Cape Town | Permanent Makeup Treatment

Why Choose Blink Beauty for Your Permanent Eyeliner Treatment?

How would you like to save time on your beauty routine?

Get the perfect eyeliner look every day with permanent eyeliner from Blink Beauty Salons.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and permanent makeup outcome, it is vital that you choose a trained and experienced cosmetic health professional. Luckily, the team at Blink Beauty is just that! We are highly trained in the field of permanent makeup and will work with you to achieve the perfect look for your unique features.

We understand the importance of safety when it comes to permanent makeup, which is why we only use sterile needles and the highest quality pigments. We also follow all government regulations to ensure the safety of our clients.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Blink Beauty today to book your appointment for the perfect permanent eyeliner treatment.

Permanent eyeliner before and after


nikita visser

“The end result was so perfect“

The aesthetic of the place was wonderful The people that work there really make you feel at ease with yourself and they are so polite and they make sure everything is done right , Tami really did an excellent job with permanent make-up, my eyebrows have never looked this fabulous and don't get me started on my eyeliner , the end result was so perfect
Nikita Visser
Micia Smit

“Definitely the best of the best “

Candy! I can be very babyish about pain and you made it feel like a dream, I actually liked the tickle feeling on my eyes ! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who would like to do their eyeliner, brows and lips. You are amazing and made me feel so pretty. Definitely the best of the best and a wonderful and relaxed treatment and atmosphere!
Micia Smit
Jasmiena Barnes

“They are absolutely beautiful “

I had my first appointment today for the permanent eyeliner an wow!!! They are absolutely beautiful 😍 i really like how everything was done , throughout the entire process i am so impressed. Good Quality, Good service, clean an very friendly, professionalism top notch. I am so inlove with how accurate an neat my permanent eyeliner looks. I would definitely recommend Blink Permanent Makeup 😃
Jasmiena Barnes
Martelize Smit

“An enhancement and natural result“

So happy with my natural looking eyeliner. Candice is very attentive and the treatment was pleasant and relaxing. If you are looking for an enhancement and natural result this is where you need to go!
Martelize Smit
Lindy Uffhaus

“At Blink aesthetic clinic you are in the best hands“

You can rest assured that at Blink aesthetic clinic you are in the best hands. I can not rave enough about how amazing this salon is and how stunning the therapist are. While you admire the view you are calmed by the music in the background. The beauty therapists make you feel right at home, they are not only highly qualified, professional but also extremely kind. Paying special attention to making you comfortable and informed on what to expect. Every detail is explained. Today was my 3rd visit, 2 sessions of eyeliner removal and 1st session having professional perninant eyeliner applied. I also did my first session of micro needling. It was not as scary as I imagined it. I look forward to my eyeliner touch up in a few weeks and next session of micro needling. Feeling so pampered today 😀
Lindy Uffhaus
Pat Lekker

“The perfect Service

Came out beautiful but I would like to do a cosmetic eyeliner in the future
Pat Lekker

What does permanent eyeliner cost?

Frequently asked questions about permanent eyeliner

Permanent Makeup treatment is designed to provide our clients with an eye-defining eyeliner, it is aimed to mimic the look of makeup and remove the need to have to apply eyeliner daily.

The pigment/colour is inserted using a shading technique, giving a natural, smooth look to the area. The procedure is done with a professional machine by our Internationally trained and licensed permanent makeup artist and has two steps: the initial pigmentation, and the touch-up after 6 weeks.

First, a style and design are determined followed by strong anaesthetics to numb the skin.

The pigment is carefully placed into the upper and/or lower lash lines using a fine needle. Once the pigment is placed, it will be left to heal. Once healed, the permanent eyeliner will look just like the regular liner that has been applied to the skin.

Permanent eyeliner will typically last for three to give years before it begins to fade. It can be touched up as needed to maintain its appearance.

In some cases, it might last longer.

At Blink we follow strict hygiene levels.  All equipment used is individual, sterile, and disposable according to health & safety standards.

A strong anaesthetic gel is applied to the brow area before the procedure commences.  Anaesthetic gels/creams have improved dramatically over the past few years.

With the application of permanent makeup, you will feel a tickling sensation on your skin as it is closely located to your nose,  The process is very superficial. 
Most people describe the process as a tickling sensation rather than painful.

Sensitive clients may drink two painkillers (no aspirin-containing) an hour before the appointment.

The cost of permanent eyeliner will vary depending on the design of the procedure, the size of the area being treated, and the number of sessions required. 

Please refer to our pricelist for detailed pricing.

Permanent eyeliner can be customized to create a natural-looking result. The thickness, colour, and shape of the liner can be adjusted to suit your individual preferences.

Yes, you can get permanent eyeliner wet. However, it is important to avoid scrubbing or rubbing the area while it is healing.

Technically and medically, permanent eyeliner can be removed; however, the process is neither comfortable nor easy. 

At Blink we believe in a gradual process, we rather start with classic and thin eyeliners, and once you get used to them we can do a thicker or more dramatic style of eyeliner.

At Blink Beauty Salons we employ only the highest quality standards. All of our aestheticians have certifications from top training institutions. On top of that, we also have rigorous quality control procedures. This explains why we have only five-star ratings!

Prior to starting with the procedure, we will analyze your skin type, colour, and requirements. We will discuss the target design you wish to achieve, to which every client's unique colour is expertly blended to achieve their desired results. As the skin heals fine scabs form, and some of the initial colour fades away.  A before & after photo is taken to compare the colour after treatment vs. the colour retained after 6 weeks, comparing the results will help us determine the colour required at the follow up session.

Our procedures aim to provide a beautiful complimenting design that looks natural every day. 

Our clients fall in love with their new transformed eyeliner and we are excited to help you with your eyeliner transformation journey.

To all our new clients, we understand that this might be a daunting appointment and we take great care to put our clients at ease before, during, and after the procedure. As soon as you have met us, we have explained the steps of our appointment, and you'll feel right at ease.

Our aim is to always have a natural look that compliments you! And each client is so uniquely beautiful that we take the time to provide you with a beautiful look that you will feel extra confident about.

Should you have some unanswered questions, please send us a WhatsApp - we are here to guide you every step of the way!

To prepare for eyeliner, you should avoid any sun exposure or tanning for at least 2 weeks before your appointment.

Cease the use of any retinol-containing/lash serums products 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

Remove lash extensions 1 week prior to your appointment, and only book a new set 2 weeks after your eyeliner procedure.

Inspect the eyeliner area for any bumps, skin tags, moles, or discolouration, and inform us prior if you do find anything.  We are not able to work over moles, skin tags or compromised skin.

Please avoid the following 24 hours prior to your appointment: coffee, aspirin, Redbull, blood thinners such as aspirin or ibuprofen.  The listed items thin your blood and lead to the pigment being pushed out, it has an effect on colour retention and might cause uneven colour or poor retention.

Should you have been prescribed medication that contains any blood-thinning substances, please clear it with your medical professional first before ceasing of medication.